[title] by Drake's (Sweatshirt) | NEW TAILOR Webshopp
[title] by Drake's (Sweatshirt) | NEW TAILOR Webshopp
[title] by Drake's (Sweatshirt) | NEW TAILOR Webshopp
[title] by Drake's (Sweatshirt) | NEW TAILOR Webshopp
[title] by Drake's (Sweatshirt) | NEW TAILOR Webshopp
[title] by Drake's (Sweatshirt) | NEW TAILOR Webshopp

Navy, Olive, Pink and Blue Colour Block Cotton Rugby Shirt

Normale prijs $147.00 Aanbiedingsprijs $293.00

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Drake's: "The rugby shirt has steadily become a staple of our collections, and this time around is no different. Cut from a densely knitted cotton, our idiosyncratic take on an enduring bit of vintage sportswear has a substantial feeling to it, as well as a certain tactility.
For our rugbies, we created a pattern inspired by our shirts – the collar in particular takes its cues from our ‘English Classic’ style – by working closely with our shirtmakers to create a fit that is a bit less baggy and sporty, and more refined and elegant.

The resulting pattern was one with a slightly trimmer body and a higher armhole, making the shirts perfect for wearing with tailoring, unlike their more traditionally shaped cousins."

As Creative Director Michael Hill puts it: "These are great to wear on the weekend with a pair of old chinos, or a pair of jeans, but I think it’s a piece that also serves as a bridge to more tailored looks. You can wear it under a jacket, or with a suit even, and it doesn’t look out of place. Rugby shirts work hard, and I think ultimately that’s the hallmark of a really indispensable item for a lot of men. You can live in them."

  • 100% Cotton
  • Made in Portugal
  • Ribbed Hem and Cuffs
  • Rubber Buttons
  • Covered Placket
  • Contrasting Collar
  • Fits True to Size, for Layering, Consider Sizing Up

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    NEW TAILOR is het adres voor maatkleding in Nederland. Sinds 1997 blazen we de kleermakerstraditie nieuw leven in. Een op het lijf gesneden maatpak of maathemd wordt vaak gezien als luxe, omdat niemand gemiddeld is zien wij het liever als een plezierige noodzakelijkheid. De levertijd van maatwerk is ongeveer 5 a 6 weken. Voor onze overige producten rekenen wij een levertijd van uiterlijk 3 werkdagen, maar in de meeste gevallen versturen wij de zelfde dag nog. Hulp nodig? Bel onze winkel (+31302328044) of stuur ons een email.


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