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Magazine Fall & Winter 2021

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Good for you for taking some time. For yourself and for us. And that's okay every now and then. Pay attention to the beautiful, pleasant things in life such as your clothes. That is fun, nice and luxurious. Treat yourself! Your choice of clothing puts you in the right mood. Show who you are and want to be.

This magazine is again full of new items that we have had made as inspiration. And let's be honest, the Netherlands could use dressing a little better, more neatly and more consciously. The switch can be turned again. There is a higher purpose than just efficiency and convenience. NEW TAILOR makes timeless clothing that lasts a long time and can be worn often. What recent times have taught us is that clothing can be worn a little looser. Less stiff. Less formal. Our (Business) Lounge Jacket is therefore a hit. Once you've worn it, you'll never want anything else. No longer a suit as a uniform, but simply because it feels good. After all, a suit attracts admiration and attention.

NEW TAILOR helps with your entire wardrobe, from a coarse knitted sweater made of Dutch wool to a cashmere sweater, from jeans to an overcoat and from The Lounge Jacket to a tuxedo for end-of-year dinners. Everything we make is sustainable, traditional and stylish. And of course we only make things that suit you. Literally and figuratively.

Combining 'new'
Your current wardrobe requires more items that are easy to combine for both informal and formal
occasions. You can also learn to combine 'new' combinations. From Business Wear to Easy Wear. From chic during the week to cool for the weekend. The days are varied and that requires a wardrobe that matches that. Your clothes should be beautiful and durable.

Clothing should be beautiful and delicate
Of course you still need nice and well-tailored suits for more formal occasions, but for most days a smart casual outfit will suffice. The clothing must also be beautiful and nice. We help with that. In part by continuing to develop new items. From outdoor jackets such as the Bomber and Peacoat to our The Business Lounge Jacket.

NEW TAILOR takes care of your entire wardrobe
Clothing without an inner construction looks and feels looser. Less stiff and more contemporary. We like to make those jackets entirely in-house. 'Made in Amsterdam' is our growth engine for the coming years. We have therefore set up an extra studio in Utrecht so that we can make even more jackets in the Netherlands. NEW TAILOR; the tailoring shop of the Netherlands. More than just the nicest suits and best shirts. For your entire wardrobe you have to go to NEW TAILOR.

Shipping methods:
We ship in the Netherlands and the European Union with DHL Parcel & PostNL, within 3 working days, but often ship the same day. Outside Europe we ship with DHL Express. Any shipping costs will be calculated during checkout.

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NEW TAILOR is the address for tailor-made clothing in the Netherlands. Since 1997 we have been breathing new life into the tailoring tradition. A tailor-made suit or shirt is often seen as a luxury, because no one is average, we prefer to see it as a pleasant necessity. The delivery time for custom work is approximately 5 to 6 weeks. For our other products we charge a delivery time of no more than 3 working days, but in most cases we ship the same day. Need help? Call our store ( +31302328044 ) or send us an e-mail .


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