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Dutch Tweed

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NEW TAILOR believes in local craft and customization. That is why we revived the tailoring trade in the Netherlands 25 years ago. Ingeborg Meijssen weaves beautiful fabrics by hand in Amsterdam. Together we proudly introduce: Dutch Tweed.

With Dutch Tweed we show that things can be done differently. More aware. More sustainable. Instead of a route across several continents, no fiber has left the Netherlands. Dutch sheep, spinning, weaving and tailoring. It doesn't get more local or more traditional. We use three sheep breeds: the Coburger Fuchs, Swifter and Zwartbles. These have a beautiful life, including with the Troost family on Goeree Overflakkee. The wool is selected and spun at 'Alles Wol' in Stuifzand by the Kamerman family.

The spun, uncolored, double-plied thread then goes to Ingeborg in Amsterdam-West. She places the threads on a tree and makes the fabrics on a traditional loom. Thread by thread by hand. Completely zen. You see and feel that the hand-woven fabric is 'alive'. Dutch wool is slightly thicker and more robust. The result is therefore truly Dutch Tweed. The process is so labor intensive that we can only weave 10 Lounge Jackets per season. We offer the three colors of wool in different weaving techniques so that every jacket is truly unique.

We make the jackets from these unique cloths in our studio THE LOUNGE in Utrecht. Without interior so it wears like a cardigan, looks like a jacket and feels like a thick sweater. The jacket can be closed up to the top and is therefore ideal for the Dutch weather. The result is a cool 100% Dutch jacket, suitable for many occasions.

In this booklet we show how we go 'from sheep to jacket'. We bring local craftsmanship and customization back to the Netherlands. Great that you're participating!

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NEW TAILOR is the address for tailor-made clothing in the Netherlands. Since 1997 we have been breathing new life into the tailoring tradition. A tailor-made suit or shirt is often seen as a luxury, because no one is average, we prefer to see it as a pleasant necessity. The delivery time for custom work is approximately 5 to 6 weeks. For our other products we charge a delivery time of no more than 3 working days, but in most cases we ship the same day. Need help? Call our store ( +31302328044 ) or send us an e-mail .


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