[title] by Drake's (Dassen) | NEW TAILOR Webshopp
[title] by Drake's (Dassen) | NEW TAILOR Webshopp
[title] by Drake's (Dassen) | NEW TAILOR Webshopp
[title] by Drake's (Dassen) | NEW TAILOR Webshopp
[title] by Drake's (Dassen) | NEW TAILOR Webshopp

Drake's x NEW TAILOR Tie (Limited Edition)

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During the anniversary year we celebrate the friendship with our studios and brands that inspire us and with which we work together. After last week's Dormeuil promotion, we now have something unique again.

We have developed an anniversary tie with the brilliant designers at Drake's. The tie is hand-rolled, unlined and completely handmade. Only 18 were made . Available in the webshop and of course in our stores. The design shows that you too stand for customization, craftsmanship and have a small fetish for sartorial products. Like us.

Drake's philosophy was and is to produce timeless pieces with a relaxed elegance. Drake's was founded in 1977 by Michael Drake in East London, a short walk from the city's silk weaving mill at Spitalfields. Originally a maker of 'Scarves and Plaids' for men, the company soon expanded into handmade ties and pocket squares, and the designs gained a reputation for quality among the high-end boutiques from Paris, Milan, Tokyo, New York to NEW TAILOR Amsterdam. We are proud to offer a range of Drake's finest casual items and accessories. Drake's style and atmosphere in their photo shoots and collections is renowned and fits perfectly in a collection of stylish jackets and suits. By using color and designs that match each other year after year, you can expand your wardrobe very versatile with Drake's accessories .

The traditional knitted clothing comes from Scotland, the ties are made in London & Somerset. There's a reason why it's the clothing of choice for many artists, actors, chefs, writers, photographers and everyone in between.

On? Send us an email ( support@newtailor.nl ) and we may still have stock in the store

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